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why do I need to register and why do I need a username?

because this is an elite establishment. this is for SERIOUS internet browsers ONLY ......NOXQSZ.

if you post "The Lonely Island" or any related videos in scannerjammer you will be held accountable. we care about the content of our site.

we want you to develop a reputation. all posts will be connected to your username. be forewarned. (no email or contact information is required upon registration)

what is this?

this is a crazy video chatroom in which you can post YOUTUBES, VIMEOS and SOUNDCLOUDS into the chat as well as GIFs and IMAGES. the videos are added to a playlist that you can click through.

how do I post a video?

to add media to the playlist, simply copy and paste the URL of the video or music that you want into the chat and hit SEND.

what do I do (and how do I do it)?

the SCAN button enables you to scan through the videos like a scan button on a radio receiver. By hitting the ESC key, you can toggle through the full-screen modes.

post the urls of images and gifs and they will show up on the chat as well as on your profile page.

by clicking LIKE on a video in the playlist, you add the video to a playlist of "likes" on your profile page.
See the top videos today.

All profiles can be accessed by clicking on a username. also check out the Scannerjammer directory.

who made this?

it was made by Pepper, and Jules ( with some help from Peter Le Bek. you can email pepper or jules respectively at

are the creators of the website alive or dead?

all dead

what does this site intend to accomplish?

this site was designed for people to talk with youtube videos in conjunction with words. our goal is to encourage people to post the best videos they can find and eventually make videos for the site.

how do i get started using this?

post a youtube url into the chat and begin. also, you should say hello to whomever is in the room.

can you post anything other than youtube?

yes. we can play any Vimeo or Soundcloud url.

how do I improve my fav score?

post the best video you can find and cross your fingers

what does the flower mean?

the flower means you liked something

what does the glittery plant mean?

the plant means someone liked a video you posted <3